Muffin Day

It's Muffin Day today! Have you already had any kind of muffins? It’s difficult to come up with another equally universally liked treat than muffins. They come in plenty of different varieties: flavours and sizes, they’re easy to make, and they’re fun to eat. No matter if it’s a breakfast, desert or brunch, muffins works perfectly for each occasion. They absolutely deserve a day of its own to celebrate!

At HSH Chemie we also like muffins and we have our contribution in baking them by our offered quality ingredients such as:

  • Emulsifiers help maintain the quality, freshness and integrity of muffins.
  • Flavours applied to the dough (wide range of varieties): natural, nature identical or encapsulated. You can find classic flavours among them like cream, chocolate, strawberry and lemon, but we can also come up with more unique compositions as Chai-arabic style or Blueberry-Curd.
  • Fruit concentrates and powders can be used in inclusions and fillers.
  • Native & modified starch provides increasing moisture content.
  • Natural sweeteners for sugar replacement (e.g. xylitol or stevia)

If you want to get know more details please get in touch with our food experts across CEE

Let’s enjoy Muffin Day today!

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