Lipstick Day!

Lipstick is in the spotlight today! Hail to the one of the favourite beauty products of all times! HSH Chemie contributes to the manufacture of lipsticks by supplying wide-range of ingredients for their production.

Pigments, oils, waxes, antioxidants, emollients, emulsifiers, mineral solutions – they are all natural, COSMOS approved ingredients, which are strong alternatives to commonly used synthetic products.

We can also propose “beneath-the-mask” innovative solutions, supporting smudge-proof effect, oil-free, mattifying and durable merits that lip makeup doesn’t easily wear off and transfer onto protective face masks.

Our lipstick solutions ensure:

  • easy gliding
  • excellent moisturizing
  • finest coverage and a powdery effect
  • fuller look
  • glossy finish
  • high water-holding capability
  • increased lip hydration
  • plump the lips
  • stable against oxidation
  • superb pigment dispersion
  • vivid colours

Looking for more inspiration? Feel free to contact our Personal & Home Care Team across CEE for more details, samples or formulations.

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