Jackfruit for Vegan Skin Care

Jackfruit is one of the largest eatable fruit grown worldwide, originated from tropical South-East Asia. It is an increasingly popular ingredient in vegan cuisine as it’s riddled with natural nutrients, vitamins, and carbohydrates. Its distinctive sweet and fruity aroma conveys a delicious taste of pineapple and banana and due to its ‘meaty’ texture, jackfruit may be used to replace minced meat.

Jackfruit is also entering the cosmetics industry as it has amazing benefits for skin and hair simultaneously meeting customers’ needs for vegan ingredients in beauty products.

A vegan lifestyle is very healthy, however plant-based food lacks some important nutrients like creatine – an energy metabolite for skin, therefore following a vegan diet can result in creatine deficiency in skin cells. At this point a Jackfruit extracts appears – offered by HSH Chemie and developed in order to compensate for creatine deficiency in vegan skin cells. Jackfruit improves cellular creatine levels, and consequently complements a vegan diet.

Our Jackfruit extract especially addresses the needs of plant based consumers, and consequently it’s a perfect tool for the fast-growing market of vegan skin care.

Recommended applications:

  • Cosmetics for conscious living
  • Supplementing skin care for a vegan lifestyle
  • Cruelty-free care products
  • Vegan skin food
  • Nourishing body care for health and confidence
As a symbol of vegan lifestyle, jackfruit is a great starting point for vegan skin care concepts. It also provides great marketing opportunities to address final skin care products for the growing vegan market.

Feel free to contact our Personal & Home Care Team across CEE for more details, samples or formulations.

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