HSH Chemie Becomes Sole Shareholder of A. R. Peißig

It is our great pleasure to inform you that on March 28, 2022, HSH Chemie Group via its holding company HSH Chemie GmbH located in Hamburg, Germany, has acquired 100 % of the shares in A. R. Peißig GmbH located in Großweikersdorf, with legal effect as of January 1, 2022. Therefore, A. R. Peißig becomes the new, valued member of the HSH Chemie Group, the No. 1 Chemical Distributor in Central and Eastern Europe.

The HSH Chemie Group is active in various markets of the chemical industry, among which are Coatings, Plastics and Building (Construction). Together with A. R. Peißig, the product portfolio and the technical competences can be significantly extended. Via the office in Großweikersdorf, Austria, the HSH Chemie Group is reaching out to the Austrian market with a dedicated office location. Due to the good match between the business activities of A. R. Peißig and HSH Chemie regarding products and geographical coverage, a lot of synergy will be released in the future and will create new opportunities for all business partners.

For the time being, A. R. Peißig will continue to operate under its well-established brand name and business structure. HSH Chemie and A. R. Peißig agreed to conduct a smooth transition, to allow customers, suppliers, and other business partners to adapt to the new situation. Mr. Werner Peißig, founder and former shareholder of A. R. Peißig, will remain a vital part of A. R. Peißig, keeping his position as the Managing Director of the A. R. Peißig GmbH.

We are all looking forward to leading this new connection to great success!

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