CELLQ® - A Brand Product of HSH Chemie

HSH Chemie offers pure Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose as well as Hydroxyethyl Methyl Cellulose with or without delayed solubility in the whole range of viscosity (300 – 70.000 mps measured by Brookfield for 2% solution). The basic parameters of the ethers you can find out below:
  • Chemical name:                                                 Hydroxypropyl Methyl Cellulose (HPMC)
  • Degree of substitution (OCH3):                       1.1-1.55 (Methoxy content 19-24 %)
  • Average Molecular Substitution (POOH):       0.12-0.33 (Hydroxypropoxyl Content 4-12 %)
  • Moisture (wt%):                                                  Max 6 %
  • Ash (wt% as sulphate):                                      Max 2 %
  • Particle size (95 % through):                            150 µm
CELLQ® is a modified cellulose ether dedicated to achieve the best possible performance in many applications. It is developed and manufactured by HSH Chemie in Poland. Due to its chemical and physical parameters, it provides excellent water retention, extended open time, enhanced sag resistance or reduced stickiness to tools, depending on the grade. We are able to provide commercialised grades as follow, but the portfolio of the products develops daily, so please contact us for more information.
Name Average Viscosity (2 %) Application Performance
CELLQ® 45 45.000 ETICS, CTA Overall good performance, high water retention, good thixotropic profile, slightly delay of cement hydration
CELLQ® 3050 30.000 CTA, ETICS CTA C2 & C1, useful for ETICS, reduced sag, reduced stickiness to the tool
CELLQ® 6030 12.000 CTA Premium Highly modified, for CTA C2 TE class. Long open time, reduced sag, improved cohesion strength of the mortar
CELLQ® 1202 55.000 ETICS, Mortars High water capacity and water retention, excellent open time without delay of cement hydration
CELLQ® 1002 15.000 Machine Plasters Outstanding stabilisation of very homogenous air voids, very high yield point, reduced stickiness to the tool, reduced cracking of plaster, high water capacity
CELLQ® 4002 47.000 CTA, ETICS Economic grade for Tile Adhesive C1 and C2. Might be used for ETICS and other cement mortars
CELLQ® P 25 S 25.000 PAINTS HEMC with delayed solubility to avoid any creation of lumps. Stable in long range of pH. Universal
CELLQ® P 50 S 50.000 PAINTS & PLASTERS HEMC High viscosity economic grade to all types of ready to use products such as Paints, Plasters, Putties and so on